Best Vegan Chocolate EVER! (Guilt Free & No Palm Oil)

When Stephen came to me asking about crowdfunding the one major thing he had in his favour was that he already had an existing crowd.

He wanted to expand his chocolate range by adding a snack version of his chocolate. He needed to tool up and design new packaging.

The target he set for his crowdfunding campaign was surpassed on day one. By the end of the campaign he had nearly doubled his target. Check out his 'Best Vegan Chocolate ' Kickstarter campaign.

However Stephen's crowdfunding success story went on to unlock the support of one of the dragons with an investment of £75 000. 

More funding opportunities arise once you have have had a successful crowdfunding campaign!

Check out Stephen's pitch to Dragons Den above.

The most funded book in crowdfunding history

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls (Books One and Two) have now successfully completed two rounds of rewards based crowdfunding. More than $2M has now be raised on Kickstarter and via Indiegogo ‘In Demand’.

Check out what the Guardian Newspaper had to say.

Below are links to their two crowdfunding campaigns:

1. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 1st Campaign

2. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2nd Campaign

How we hit our goal on day one!

Dan Norris from 7 Day Startup has written this blog post entitled ‘Crowdfunding for business – how we hit our goal on day 1, and how we could have done better’. 

He takes you through the strategies that they used to deliver a successful rewards-based crowdfunding campaign to launch a brewery.

How my business raised £3.5m

Mouldable glue business Sugru smashed its equity crowdfunding target in four days and at the time broke two records.

CEO Jane ni Dhulchaointigh shares her tips for a successful campaign on Crowdcube.

Sugru Crowdfunding Campaign

What made GoHenry’s campaign so successful?

GoHenry raised nearly £4 million in a record-breaking equity crowdfunding campaign, but how did they do it? Read this article by Oliver Smith where he describes the success factors of what was intended to be a £2m raise that soared to nearly £4m on Crowdcube, UK.

GoHenry Crowdfunding Campaign Success