'We want to help people grow food at home in small spaces. Our eco kits make it easier for people to experience the joy of growing food.'

This is the message from Dr Rose Deakin of the 'Crop Club'.

We first met some years ago at Loughborough University UK, where we looked at the many success factors that go into launching a crowdfunding campaign.

She is currently overfunding and moving towards her 'stretch' campaign goal.

This is certainly a great idea especially during these times.

Check out the campaign video and look through the comprehensive pitch that Rose has put together.

You still have time to get your own 'Eco Growing Kit'

Her campaign is now live on Crowdfunder.

Natwest Bank in the United Kingdom have been funding a programme called 'Back Her Business' with match funding.

Annie Lywood has been lucky enough to continue working during lockdown to finalise the first collection of sensory and decorative feel-good Comforters (cushions), specially-designed for peace and calm.

She is looking for support to help continue her mission to manufacture and launch her designs.

Her campaign is currently live on Crowdfunder.

These sensorial huggables are hand crafted by skilled artisans in Somerset, beautifully packaged, and can be delivered by Christmas.

The World’s Smallest Handheld Printer

A great example of a well structured crowdfunding campaign. They have gone way over their target!

They also have a good media press kit with images, gifs, press release etc for others to use to promote their campaign.

The campaign video is short and to the point :)

Click HERE to see the campaign on Indiegogo.Β