Firstly, Welcome!

If you are reading this you probably either interested in running a successful crowdfunding campaign or want to support those looking to launch a crowdfunding campaign.

That is great! Thank you!

Crowdfunding is close to being a global $100Billion industry.

One of the reasons it has grown so rapidly (more so since the pandemic) is that it is a powerful form of democratic finance used by start-ups, existing businesses and non profits.

Crowdfunding has many benefits including market validation, increased brand awareness, growing your customer base, unlocking additional funding and of course raising money from your backers.

This is where the Crowdfunding Playbook 'Huddle Zone' comes in.

What is the 'Huddle Zone'?

We are an independent community of crowdfunders who are committed to building a deeply supportive crowdfunding network.

Being a crowdfunder is tough and we often find ourselves in situations where we do not know what to do.

Most crowdfunding campaigns fail and we certainly do not want your crowdfunding efforts go to waste.

We need to support each other and this is where we come in.

I want us to build this community together where we share valuable content, deeper conversations, participate in online events and meet each other.

This journey can be lonely - you are doing something most people do not understand.

We are here to support you in understanding all the success factors you need to have in place before you go crowdfunding.

The are 'free' and 'paid' sections to this community.

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