Sharein provide customisable β€˜white label’ investment platforms to enable you to raise funds directly from your network of investors via your own website. They focus on Equity, Debt (Peer to Peer) and those wishing to raise funds via Bonds. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Thrinacia Atlas (based in Vancouver, Canada) allows you to run your own white labeled crowdfunding websites. It currently powers thousands of crowdfunding websites worldwide, is mobile ready and scalable.

Ignition Deck

IgnitionDeck is a plugin for WordPress that turns WordPress installations into fully-functioning crowdfunding platforms. They allow for an unlimited number of crowdfunding, pre-order, or fundraising projects to take place on your WordPress website.


With CrowdEngine you are able to launch your own equity crowdfunding portal with lots of customisation options. Their automated crowdfunding technology offers proprietary features and third party integrations.


LenderKit is a flexible white-label crowdfunding software for investment management or matchmaking that helps firms to raise capital for SMEs or real estate projects. Based out of London UK.


hubbub builds rewards-based crowdfunding platforms that help universities, schools and other educational institutions raise funds effectively from alumni and stakeholders. Based in the UK.

Fund Raising Script

Fund Raising Script is a crowdfunding software solution that helps companies, individuals and entrepreneurs to set up their own Crowdfunding platform online. Their solutions include Donations, Rewards, Equity, Peer to Peer, Real Estate, Educational, Agricultural or custom platforms.

White Label Crowdfunding

They build and maintain crowdfunding platforms for companies from all around the world. Their technology solutions range from simply re-skinning and adapting your current website to include a crowdfunding option, to a whole new platform bespoke to your own business model.


Difitek used to be called Crowd Valley. Difitek provides full digital infrastructure features for crowdfunding and peer-to-peer finance platforms. They offer strategy, compliance, design and API implementation. They have launched sites in different countries and offer various back office packages you can choose from.