Nnenna Fakoya-Smith

Tourism Promoter & Visibility Coach
Popularly known as Ajala Nene, I help entrepreneurs build a visible and sustainable brand through online and offline strategies. I love traveling and collecting postcards, stamp banknotes and coins.

Tourism Crowdfunding Platform

 Anthony de Souza  I found this and was really excited 👇🏾

Tourism Crowdfunding by TravelStarter: We crowdfund big and small ideas in tourism. Start today. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Syed from TravelStarter a global crowdfunding platform for big and small ideas in tourism. We strive to connect local businesses with global travelers all over the world. We support both creative individuals with innovative ideas and existing businesses with aspiring plans to expand, upgrade and improve their facilities or services. Please visit our site today to learn more. https://www.travelstarter.com/submit. Most ideas unfortunately need funding to convert them into reality, which oftentimes is not readily available, and this is where we can support you. We can not only help you finance your project, but also offer you valuable marketing tools that can enable you to reach even more potential customers. We would love to hear back from you. Send us a mail at info@travelstarter.com.

Unfortunately their website is down. It would have been nice to have a sneak peak on how their platform looks like for inspiration 💡

Ba wo ni? 👋🏽

Greetings from Nigeria 🇳🇬 
My name is Nnenna and I am a Tourism Entrepreneur. I joined this community to learn how to run a successful crowdfund for my upcoming project - helping to fund small business owners in the Africa Tourism space. Looking forward to learning with you all 😊
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