Marina Rae

Just Jerseys Micro Dairy
Hi I’m Marina and I am Just Jerseys Micro Dairy & Vending based near Ludlow in Shropshire. I moved here with my family in 2018 from the Marlborough area. My husband and I are crowdfunding for a Mobile Micro Dairy


My name is Marina Rae and together with my husband Mick we are starting a Micro Dairy with Jersey Girls.Β 
We are both from farming backgrounds, my husband being a herd manager for over 30 yrs.Β 
Just Jerseys will be our own venture. We are hugely excitedΒ  and cannot wait to get going and serve our community and beyond.Β 
We live near Ludlow, ShropshireΒ 
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Just Jerseys Micro Dairy

We are looking for support from our local
Community and beyond by way of a crowdfunding campaign for our Mobile Pasteurising trailer and Vending machine. Β 
We’ve received some amazing pledges and general good will from our local
We have secured the land to rent and have sourced 10 Jersey Girls but we have no buildings on the land to house the equipment, so we are creating a micro dairy & pasteurising mobile unit.Β 

Β We are crowdfunding for this, we want to support our community with Milk that is fresh daily and NOT sometimes 10 days old before it reaches your fridge.Β 
Β We will NOT be using plastic only Glass from our vending machine near Ludlow, Shropshire.
Our girls will have Calf at foot meaning the calves stay with mum and are not taken away which is less stressful for mum and calf.Β 

We would also be offering milkshakes from
our Mooshake Bar based at the vending machine area.

We’d be so grateful for any help, suggestions, shares and pledges.Β