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Technical consultant, photographer, mentor and artist.

Crowdfunding part time?

I'm interested in how much success anyone has had with crowdfunding projects while working full time. 

I ran a Patreon for a couple of months but very quickly found I was struggling to find the time to post updates and keep up with my patrons responses (as few as there were). 

The thing holding me back from running a campaign these days is the concern that I won't be able to dedicate enough time on an ongoing basis to see it through to the end.

Any tips/thoughts appreciated.

Has anyone outsourced aspects of a campaign to third parties? This is something I have considered but the up-front cost is potentially too high and I can't expect to only pay a third party if the campaign reaches it's goals.

Hi there!

I'm Robert/Rob/Bob. I've been working in development and tech for about 23 years, primarily e-commerce. While I still build applications and websites these days I spend a lot more time on training, technical consultancy and data driven customer engagement strategy.

I'm also a photographer and part time artist.

I've been a backer on numerous campaigns on assorted platforms, for board games, books, movies, comedy, supporting artists, new technology and boosting new business.

For a short time I ran a Patreon account (unsure if that classifies as crowdfunding in the traditional sense). But had to abandon it due to lack of time.

I've been working up to starting a new campaign of my own but need to find the time, which alas is lacking.
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