Irene Tsang

Founder at LIFTwomen Group
Founder + mother + enterprise leader + passionate about supporting women. Lift Women is APAC’s first women-focused crowdfunding platform exits to empower women to start their own businesses and live a life to its fullest potential.

Hi lovely to be here meeting all the great people!

Hi all, it's lovely to be part of the community sharing knowledge, experience and learning from each other. I'm the founder of LIFTwomen Group ( - Australia and Asia's first women-focused crowdfunding platform exists to empower women to start and scale their own businesses and live a life to its fullest. Crowdfunding is a life-changing Fintech innovation, and I am very excited and keen to promote it so more people in need could potentially benefit from it. Our platform will go live soon, your support is very welcomed and much appreciated! Thanks Anthony for forming this great community, hope everyone is staying well and speak soon.
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